Wednesday, January 15, 2014

And Now, to Literally Double My Productivity So Far...

The second song of my project is finally done, and I couldn't (legally) be happier!

It's called "Elk vs. Coke Machine", and it's about the genetic uncertainty that comes as part of having been adopted as a baby, which I was, (by the best family ever).

I had some serious help on this one, from my good friend, the lovely Chris Gaudry, who not only played drums on the track, but also mixed it and mastered it as well, because having a baby to look after clearly isn't keeping him busy enough. Thanks Chris!

Some of you may have seen the story on Global National about my project and, subsequently, you may have been led to believe that this week's song was going to be "An Open Letter to Kevin Bacon". Well I'm saving that one for next week when the video will be done, so get over it! maybe that will teach you not to believe everything you hear on TV! Especially when someone as sketchy as ME is saying it!

Anyway, thank for stopping by my blog, and for (presumably) being interested in
J.Williamez: 52 Songs!

2 down, 50 to go!

2. Elk vs. Coke Machine:


  1. Absolutely the best!!! I hope you plan to play these every week for a year on Monday nights!!!

  2. that's the only way I'm gonna remember them all!