Friday, December 20, 2013

An Introduction to 52 Songs

Hi Internet Friends!

Welcome to the official Blog for J.Williamez: 52 Songs

52 Songs is a project I'll be working on all year. Every week in 2014, I'm going to write and record a song, and post it to this blog. The songs with range in topic, length quality and offensiveness based on how I'm feeling that week.

Some weeks, I'll post an audio file, while other weeks, I'll get off my lazy ass and actually make a video for that week's song as well.

My plan is to collaborate with as many people on this project as I can, so at the end of the year I don't end up with 52 songs that sound the same and that are all about my cat.

So make sure to keep Checking this blog over the next year to fill your ear bellies with some delicious music! 

How much delicious music? 52 Songs!