Saturday, March 8, 2014

Fuck, I Hate Winter in Winnipeg!

Wow, J.Williamez; tell us how you really feel!

Because I fell behind a bit on my songs, I decided to power through a quick one or two. But in order to write a song, you need at least a little inspiration.

In order to inspire myself for this one, I went outside for a walk in our wonderful Winnipeg winter wonderland, and this is what came of it.

Hope you like it! And keep checking back for more songs to come soon!

8 down, 44 to go!

P.S: You'll notice that I did not create a kid-friendly version of this song, even though every second word in the song is "fuck". This was intentional. It's due to the fact that, as Winnipeggers, I believe it is more important to teach our kids how to properly complain about the weather, than it is to teach them not to swear.

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